Letter from Max Baker
Hey Everyone,

It’s Max. I wanted to let you know about a ministry opportunity I have recently been presented with. I
have been asked to help The Lyon’s Den Golf Course with day to day operations and to help create and
facilitate a ministry there. The ministry will be focused on evangelism and discipleship of those who we
come in contact with through the game of golf. What does this look like? Well, I don’t fully know to be

Many of you know that I have been in and out of the golf business and ministry opportunities since being
at Malone College in 1992. There’s been no real rhyme or reason on my end, but God has always shown
His hand. I’ve just figured my priority is obedience and God was in charge of the outcome. Today, that is
where I am again. Trying to be obedient and allow Him to make good on the outcome.
So, I will be stepping down as the Youth and Outreach Pastor at Perry Christian Church by the middle of
March. During my transition out, the Elders have agreed to help me complete my ordination. They see it
like I do, as a sending out to another mission field. It’s a bitter sweet proposition where all sides just want
to honor and obey God. We feel that this transition is out of obedience and will honor Him.

In light of all this, here are a few things to note:

- Wendy and I plan to continue to attend Perry Christian for the foreseeable future. Obviously, the
golf business and ministry opportunities will require time away through the season, but this will
still be considered our church home.

- We covet your prayers as we make this transition into a ministry that really hasn’t been tried in
many places and thus, has a lot of unknowns.

- We are not making this decision rashly.

- We have been praying and seeking God a lot the last few years as we have sensed a
change from Youth Ministry coming for some time.

- 12 years is a long time for a Youth Pastor in one place and the effects of Covid and an ever
changing society have taken their toll on us.

- We just really know that we need to move on from our current Youth Ministry roles and I
don’t feel called to be a Lead Pastor at this time.

- We truly believe that it is the right time to move to the next thing. For how long, we have
no clue.

- We are glad to have the blessing and partnership with Perry Christian’s staff, elders, and
we pray all of you, as we take this next step of faith.
I have had an amazing opportunity, to step out of the box if you would, and reach into the community
and schools in many ways that a lot of churches would not have allowed or valued. I am grateful for the
opportunity to serve in a place that always sought to use our gifts in non-traditional ways at times in
order to connect to and reach the lost.

Again, we will still be around, it will just be a “little different”. But hey, would you expect anything less
from me?

In Him Alone,